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An AI Chat Assistant Crafted to Accelerate Design Thinking and Get You into Creative Flow

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What is Brainglue?

Imagine a ChatGPT-like AI assistant build from the ground up to augment your design thinking process and deliver a more thoughtful AI experience with richer interactions.

Users Love Brainglue!

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"I've been using Brainglue almost every day since I got access, and it's been a game-changer for stimulating my thought process and learning more about how to improve my designs."


"I’m happily paying the $20 because it’s way better than ChatGPT!"


"The follow-up suggestions are great and the answers are more targeted to my design needs."


"I love how often it surprises me with unique insights. Really fine-tuned."

Our Features

Brainglue is designed from the ground up to be the most productive AI chat you will ever experience. Experience dozens of features crafted to get you into creative flow and augment your ideation process.

Specialized AI Brains
Your queries are automatically routed to the best specialized brain suited for your request. Or simply enter ⌘/ to use your preferred brain.
Smart Follow-Ups
Our AI brains not only answer your questions but also can pre-formulate socratic style follow-up questions to get more context.
Wireframe Generation
Our /napkin brain can generate rough UI wireframes based on a simple description. Perfect for quick ideation.
User Journey Mapping
Our /journey brain can help you map out user journeys and identify potential pain points and opportunities for improvement.
Web Search Powered by Perplexity
Get fast and accurate search results for current topics via the /perplexity brain.
Keyboard Shortcuts and Highlight Actions
Get in the flow with seamless keyboard interactions and a text highlight shortcut menu.

Get in Flow with Brainglue

Brainglue is designed to give a fast and iterative thinking experience.

Screenshot 1

1/7Opinionated response styles that give you a head start in your thinking process.

Get In The Private Beta

There are two ways to access the private beta.

Get in line for a free beta test.
We release a few seats every week and give you free access to Brainglue for the duration of the beta period.
Get in Line for Free Beta
Get a subscription for instant access. We will remind you before renewal.At the end of the month, we'll send you notifications, so you can choose to cancel or continue with your subscription.$20 USD / month. Cancel anytime.
We will remind you before the next charge.
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