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What Makes Brainglue Different?

Brainglue is a highly-steerable AI assistant built to augment your strategic thinking and deliver a thoughtful AI experience fine-tuned for product professionals and other creative minds.

🧠 Chat with Brains: Brains are fine-tuned AI workflows optimized to help you with tasks that require deep reasoning, product discovery, professional writing, and more.
🐵 Chat with Masks: Masks are fine-tuned conversational AIs that can embody work partner archetypes or provide unique consumer insights.
🍦 Chat with Vanilla Models: Leap the AI assistant fragmentantion and get direct access to foundational models like GPT-4, Claude 3, Gemini Pro, Llama 3, and more.
✏️ Save Your Recurring Context: Stop repeating yourself and save your recurring context in memory docs that you can include in your conversations at any point.

💡 Tip: Brainglue allows you to seamlessly switch AI modes by typing / in the Brainglue's chat box.

Users ❤️ Brainglue

"I've been using Brainglue almost every day since I got access, and it's been a game-changer for stimulating my thought process and learning more about how to improve my designs."

Our Features

Brainglue is the most productive AI chat you will ever experience with dozens of innovative features to get you into creative flow.

Specialized AI Modes
Your queries are automatically routed to the best specialized AI suited for your request. Or browse AI modes by pressing ⌘/
Smart Follow-Ups
Brainglue not only answer your questions but also can pre-formulate socratic style follow-up questions to get more context.
Visual Responses
Specialized brains such as /journey can respond with intuitive visual artifacts that visualize processes or the flow of concepts.
Memory Documents
Store your context in memory docs and never again repeat yourself. Just include the relevant memory in your prompts by typing #.
Auto-Memory with #memory
Brainglue automatically learns from your conversations and store relevant context based on your rules in the #memory doc. (Private Beta)
Image Generation via DALL-E-3
Generate stuning images and produce consistent image revisions with a fine-tuned AI image generator via /dalle-3.
Web Search Powered by Perplexity
Get fast and accurate search results for current topics via the /online brain.
Keyboard Shortcuts and Highlight Actions
Get in the flow with seamless keyboard interactions and a text highlight shortcut menu.

and many more...

Unlimited Access to All Flagship Models

A Brainglue subscription gives you unlimited access to all flagship models and a growing list of specialized conversational AI tools build and curated by experts.









An Enhanced AI Experience

Brainglue is designed to give you a fast and iterative way to experience AI as a true thought co-pilot.

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1/5Extend the horizon of your thinking with contextual highlight actions.

Ready for Next-Level AI Productivity?

Brainglue's mission is to enhance your productivity and augment your thinking with the most powerful conversational AI tools.

Subscribe today and get unlimited access to the most popular foundational models and a growing list of specialized AIs and AI features.

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