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Design and Share AI Forms That Reason The Way You Do

Brainglue is a playground that allows you to design personalized reasoning strategies by chaining AI prompts, and expose them effortlessly through user-friendly forms.

Beta ClosedBrainglue beta is closed. Please come back later for our next experiment. If you signed up before you can still use acccess the platform from the login page.

Expand Your AI Creativity

A Playground for
Creative Prompt Chaining

Brainglue provides an intuitive AI playground that makes crafting and sharing prompt chains a breeze.

User-Friendly AI Playground

Dive deep into a user-friendly interface that makes exploring and building advanced prompting strategies fun.

Experiment with Prompt Chains

Unlock enhanced AI reasoning by chaining multiple prompts together for broader capabilities and extended horizon tasks.

Share your AI Creations

Seamlessly transition from experimentation to real-world applications with an intuitive form builder or by using our incredibly easy API.

Empirically Powerful

A Powerful AI Environment

Supercharge your AI creativity with a powerful environment that allows you to explore diverse configurations and seamlessly expose them via our Form Builder or Easy-to-Use API.

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Highly Configurable
Experiment with different AI configurations by adjusting context windows and and temperature settings.
Multi-Model Support
Integrate different cutting-edge AI models such as GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. Additional model support is coming soon.
Form Builder
Easily build and connect bespoke forms to your prompt chains, so you can always use them via a user-friendly interface.
Interconnected Prompts
Create prompts that can selectively use the output of a previous prompt, enabling more complex and reasoned outputs.
Token Usage Estimations
Get token estimations for prompts and outputs, and create configurations with efficient token usage.
Deliver via Email or Webhook
Complete chains with delivery actions such as sending outputs via email or posting to a webhook endpoint.

Intelligent Forms

Explore Brainglue Form examples and clone their underlying templates to create your own personalized AI creations.

  • E-Commerce Comment Classifier

    Classifies e-commerce comments by sentiment and theme.

    View Example
  • LawyerDad

    Non an actual lawyer, but pretty good at telling you what the law would say.

    View Example
  • No Disgusting Recipes

    A chain that makes AI think like a real chef and generate delicious recipes.

    View Example
  • Design Council

    Evaluate a design problem from multiple perspectives.

    View Example

Explore a Universe of
AI Possibilities with Brainglue

Dive into an environment designed for AI experimentation, and seamlessly share your advanced AI reasoning strategies.

Made in Austin, TX 🤠 and Miami, FL 😎.
Brainglue AI, Inc. 2023